Functions and Clinical Uses of A.A.R.

General Directions

Aquilaria agallocha Roxb. (A.A.R.) is used for reversing rebellious chi and helping the circulatory system in the body. A.A.R. is one of the very few kinds of medicinal materials with strong antibiotic functions. Unlike most natural medicinal materials that have comparably slower medical efficiency, the medical effectiveness of A.A.R. is imminent and apparent.

Due to the fact that A.A.R. has very particular preparation requirement, A.A.R. has to be taken directly in powder form.. The recommended daily dosage is between 0.15 ~ 0.3g, which varies according to an individual¡¦ particular needs.

Functions and Clinical Uses

In China, Japan, and Korea, A.A.R. has been used for several different types of conditions, including chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, as well as swelling of the liver and spleen. A.A.R. can warm the stomach and kidney and cure gastralgia, gastric ulcer, gastroptosis, along with hiccups. A.A.R. facilitates the circulation of blood. A.A.R. has complete antibiotic function toward the tubercle bacillus and also has strong antibiotic function in responding to typhoid bacillus and diarrhea bacillus. A.A.R. has both aphrodisiac and diuretic effects. It is used in the treatment of constipation, asthma, excess phlegm, and rheumatism. In Europe and India, A.A.R. is often used in the treatment of tumors and cancers.


  1. Side effects may include diarrhea.. In some cases, diarrhea is a normal process of curing diseases or cleaning bad Chi inside the body. Symptoms may disappear within 3-7 days.
  2. Patients with deficient Chi are advised to use A.A.R. with caution.
  3. Avoid the use of alcoholics.

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