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(1) Agarwood Incense

In addition to A.A.R., Chimhyanghun also provides the highest quality incense- Agarwood Incense. Agarwood Incense is made by natural Vietnamese Aquilaria agallocha Roxb. (70%) and the natural flavorless glutinous wood powder (30%).

Agarwood Incense is categorized as "single-recipe incense" because it only has one ingredient that is responsible for generating fragrance. A.A.R. single recipe incense has been regarded as the highest quality incense among all sorts of incense. It produces the fragrance that is closest to the best fragrance on earth- directly burning A.A.R. Our company's Agarwood Incense is currently the only incense in the world made by real A.A.R.

The most distinguishable advantage of Agarwood Incense is that it can be used in closed environments (indoor). Most incense available in the markets nowadays is made by artificial ingredients to generate fragrance. Therefore, after using those incense indoor for a while, users will inevitably feel dizzy or have headache.

Another important characteristic of Agarwood Incense is that it does not have apparent fragrance before it is burned because neither A.A.R. nor the wood powder almost has any fragrance before burning.

Because of its purity and genuineness, the Agarwood Incense Stick made by Chimhyanghun will provide the best way to relax the mind as well as reverse rebellious chi.1 The smooth, warm and natural fragrance generated by Agarwood Incense is the incomparable incense to be used for personal uses or in important gatherings such as ceremony or party.

Agarwood incenses are designed to be useed in open or larger space as well as in small areas  for personal or small group's uses. Incense cases are all beautifully hand-made by precious red pine. Chimhyanghun's Agarwood Incense is the best choice for incense.


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